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Glass Fusion

Glass Fusion is the process of taking separate pieces of fusible and compatible art glass, layering them  on one another into a design,  and then "fusing" or melting them in a kiln into one piece.  
The finished glass can then be left as a panel as an art piece or refired using molds to create a vast  variety of shaped objects both useful and decorative.

The glass is available in many colors and patterns so that the option of design and end product are endless.  Join us for some "Glass Therapy" by creating something beautiful and unexpected! And it’s so easy, you don’t have to be an artist!
Make plates, platters, tiles, clocks, fountains, sculptures and many other items for yourself as well as quality  unique gifts for others.

Phone: 780-618-6282  or 780-338-3990  

--- Services ---

Glass 101: is the standard introduction to glass fusion and is the prerequisite to the glass workshops. Glass 101 will include glass safety, glass properties, use of tools, and the making of your first project.

Project Workshops: Scheduled workshops are offered to create plates, platters, bowls, jewellery, Christmas ornaments, tiles, window décor, clocks, wall art, indoor water fountains, and many other projects.  At each workshop, you will learn specific   techniques about how to design, shape, and accent glass objects.    We welcome your ideas for further workshops as well.

Group Workshops: If you have a group of people who would like to explore this medium, we will schedule a "Glass Party" where you will all make a project as well as a combined project for the guest of honor!  It’s fun to work within a group and  bounce ideas off each other!

Gift Certificates: Available for Glass 101 as well as a dollar value.

Studio Time:  You can book studio time to create your own masterpiece.  You pay for the use of the tools, the glass, and the firing all at very reasonable rates.

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