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Fall Schedule 2014

Published by S Doucet in Notification · 13/9/2014 10:22:19

Let's get cracking!   Check out the fall workshops, then  register by email or phone. If you want to make the project but the day does not work for you, call me, we'll work something out.  If what you want to make is not in the schedule, let me know, we'll work something out. I've left lots of time for open studio.
I'd love to hear from you!

Glass 101    Cost  $40

This is the introduction class to glass fusion. Learn Properties of fusible glass, color choice, design elements, how to cut the glass, and make your first simple creation.   Your project will be a 7x7 size, and can be a plate, dish, bowl, or panel.  I have lots of pattern choices.

Sept 22    7-10 pm
Oct 5           Sunday 1-4 pm
Oct 28        7-10 pm
Nov 16       Sunday  1-4pm
Nov 25      7-10 pm

Glass Blocks   Cost $30

These blocks are made in the mosaic style and are grouted to have a stained glass look.   A string of small lights (included) are inserted to make them light up from inside.

Sept 30  7-10 pm
Nov 9  (Sunday)  1-4 pm

Bowls         Cost  (12 inch) $60     (14 inch) $85

The circular  bowls can be 12 inch or 14 inch in whatever design you would like.
There are also oval and square bowls, cost is dependent on the size ( 50 cents per square inch). Design is your choice.

Oct 25  (Saturday)  10 am to 4 pm
Nov 29  (Saturday) 10 am to 4 pm

Cookie Plates and Cheese Platters   
Cost: Depends on Size (50 cents per square inch)

The plates and platters can be square, rectanglular, round, or oval in several sizes. You choose the size and pattern.  Makes great gifts and decor for your own home!  (Note: A larger size or complicated design may require a second session.)

Nov 4    7-10 pm
Nov 24  7-10 pm

Nut and Candy Dish    Cost: $40

This is an oval dish that you can choose your design for.
Nov 17  7-10 pm
Dec 8   7-10 pm

Ornaments   Cost $6 each,  size 3x4 inches

Your design or mine, create your heirlooms with Christmas whimsy!

Oct 7   7-10 pm
Oct 29  7-10 pm
Nov 19  7-10 pm
Nov 30  Sunday  1-4 pm

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